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About Us

Excellence in Software...

Computer Excellence is a software and services company with the broadest range of capabilities, from consulting and application integration to outsourcing services. We offer companies and SMBs the best total IT services and solutions they need to grow and prosper with proven methodologies through scalable, mixed-mode development using a cost-effective blend of onsite, offsite and offshore development. In a business environment prevailing in the New, New economy where geography is history, where information is also a part of the currency and where businesses accelerate to e-speed, people rely more and more on the fast exchange of information-about products and services,about processes,business transactions,about all aspects of business- to keep pace. The answer lies with technology and thats where we come in.We provide consulting services to e-nable our clients to better leverage technology to keep up the pace, resulting in faster time to market.Faster time to results.Faster and better ROI.

Recent Milestones